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What I do

Designing marketing solutions around you


What I do

Designing marketing solutions around you

It's vital the marketing solutions I create achieve your business objectives.

To make sure this happens, I make sure we stop and review that new website or social media campaign you're convinced you need. I use a four-stage process with every marketing project. This ensures thorough and considered planning, which results in a robust solution. It also means your budget is deployed as effectively as possible. You only do the things that are right for your market, your customers and your product or service.

Every project is different, so this process is flexible. We may dip into some areas whilst spending more time on others. It all depends on the task in hand - and your budget of course.

The four areas below highlight the range of services I provide as well as showing you the different stages - from research and strategy to creative and delivery of marketing campaigns:

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The first stage of the process involves gaining the best possible understanding of your:

  • business
  • product/service
  • customers
  • suppliers
  • markets
  • competitors

This can be a mini-audit or a comprehensive exercise depending on what's needed.

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At this stage I analyse the insights gained at stage one to create:

  • a value proposition
  • strategy
  • marketing plan
  • marketing brief

I also evaluate how we set and measure success at this point.

The extent of this again depends on your objectives and your budget.

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This is where theory becomes practice.

With branding, I work with proven designers to provide between one and three creative concepts, depending on the project and budget.

Where your brand and guidelines are fit for purpose, we look at its application in various marketing channels.

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Once the creative route is approved, the marketing material is created.

This can include:
email campaigns
direct mail
social media
press advertisements
exhibition stands
PR campaigns
door drop