Bretby Borders


Bretby Borders is a new start-up business. Owner Tracey needed to create awareness and enquiries.

We started with a planning day and meeting some customers. This enabled me to identify her positioning and USPs, and create a marketing plan of activity.

This went into design for the brand name and creative, and production of materials. With a limited budget everything had to work hard. Word of mouth (particularly online reviews) is very important for this small business.

Tracey is now very busy and gaining at least three new quality customers every month.  We've recently launched her new gardening blog.



University of Salford


The University was seeing a drop in undergraduates’ conversion rates.  My brief was to turn this around.  

My starting point was immense fact finding. What was feasible? How big is the issue? What are the operational issues, targeting capabilities, can we personalise and to what extent?  And how do we do this?

The solution? A highly-personalised and eye-catching piece that utilises POD. Using a test and learn approach the learnings were significant. Most importantly, it was based on customer insight, and it worked.

Mille - A5 flyer.jpg


The Co-operative Funeral Planning


The Co-operative wanted to grow the sales of their Funeral Plans directly to customers.

The difficulties? A service nobody wants to talk about, and a high-cost purchase.

We needed a different approach. Everyone was talking about 'death' but customers didn't want to hear that.

The approach?  Create a new product proposition - Wills and Funeral Planning - and a new creative proposition. No gravestones in sight.

The results? Funeral Plan sales +10% above year end target.

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Oil Recruitment 


This high-end recruiter had many great ideas but limited resource.

With a large database, this needed to work better for the business. That meant creating an email plan of activity with business objectives. Then, creating a suite of email templates so regular emails can be sent without being too onerous a task.

I provided guidance on further quick-wins (eg. for the website), and a longer term marketing outline.